If You Are Reading This, You Might Be A ProJo

Hey Pros! I wanted to post again on the name change and explain further my vision and ideas. I started this community because I was inspired by the Bullet Journal®. In fact, I still use a version of the original Bullet Journal, though I don’t follow the system the way Ryder Carroll created it.

I became a little frustrated at the end of 2015 and early 2016 when I saw so many people were using their Bullet Journal to draw mandalas or track housecleaning chores. Don’t misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I was using my Bullet Journal at work. I work in an ad agency, responsible for marketing and business development operations. I wanted a group of people to interact with who were similar to me and working in a professional field, and who also used a Bullet Journal. That’s how the Facebook group and this blog got started.

Over the last year, more than 12,000 people have come to the Facebook group looking for inspiration and ideas on how to use a Bullet Journal at work. What I’ve seen – especially over the last six months – is a degradation of the Bullet Journal. So many people have jumped into “Bullet Journaling” without perhaps understanding Ryder’s system or even spending time on his website in review. So, the term Bullet Journal has come to commonly represent any type of journaling or way of recording and managing tasks. At the same time, there has been increased legal scrutiny and actions to protect the Bullet Journal copyrights. I don’t fault Ryder for that at all. However, what started as a system that seemed openly shared – and sharing was encouraged – now seems less so. Again, I don’t begrudge Ryder. He’s an entrepreneur protecting a wildly popular system of paper-based task management.

My purpose was to form a community of PROFESSIONALS who were using the Bullet Journal. But with so many designs, iterations or hacked versions of the Bullet Journal as well as the rise and popularity of so many other paper-based journals and methods, it seemed like the right time to restate the focus – my focus – on the matter of journaling on the job. Devout Bullet Journal users are not only welcomed but encouraged to be here and lead discussions and interactions. At the same time, I welcome the Erin Condren® crowd. I welcome David Allan’s followers. I welcome those who have created their own system.

If you are using a paper journal to plan, organize and manage your work, this is the right community for you.

There is no discrimination. There is no favoritism. This is a community that embraces all and welcomes ideas and insights on how to make our jobs more organized, more interesting, more creative, and more productive.

To me, that is the embodiment of a ProJo.

Thank you all for your support, your ideas, and your leadership. If you want to chat with me about this, hit me up at projournaler@gmail.com.

Now….. Get back to work!



Author: ProJo's

Serving professionals who plan, organize and manage work with a paper journal. #ProJo

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