Introducing ProJos – Journaling for Professionals

ProJoLogo.FINAL.4.14.17Today I am introducing a new brand and focus for this blog and community. ProJos.

While this community is still about “journaling on the job”, my objective to to focus specifically on planning, organizing and managing your work with a paper journal.

The original purpose in cultivating this community was to focus on using a Bullet Journal™ for work. As this community has grown over the last year, it has become clear that a Bullet Journal isn’t the only method that professionals are using to organize, plan and manage the needs of their occupation. Over the last year, I have learned from this community that there are many innovative systems of planning and working with pen and paper. In other words, using a creatively-crafted paper journal, no matter the methodology, is the true purpose for this community.

The Bullet Journal system, without a doubt, is one of the predominant methods used in this community, and there many who follow the structured Bullet Journal method. There are also those who use a customized version of the Bullet Journal with success on the job. Additionally, there are many other interesting and innovative systems, journals, binders and printables that are used today by Pros. I want this community to embrace all methods of journaling on the job.

If you are using one of these systems or journals to manage your affairs on the job, I want to officially say, WELCOME! You’re a ProJo!

·         Bullet Journal

·         Erin Condren LifePlanner

·         Planner Pad

·         David Allen’s GTD

·         Your Best Year Planner

·         Franklin Planner

·         Create Your Shining Year Planner

·         Plum Paper Planner

·         Passion Planner

·         Daily Greatness Planner

·         LiveWELL Planner

·         Create 365

·         Day Designer

·         Savor the Success

·         Get To Work Book

·         Blank Notebooks – DIY System

·         AND MANY MORE!

Let’s hear from Professionals who are planning and managing their affairs with all notebooks and journals. And stay tuned for more exciting things coming as we share more from ProJo’s in the weeks and months ahead.



Author: ProJo's

Serving professionals who plan, organize and manage work with a paper journal. #ProJo

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