What Does It Mean To Be A Bullet Journal Pro?

It has been so gratifying to see this community of Pros growing significantly over the last couple of months. And more people joining our community every day. So, we thought it was appropriate to take the time and be clear about our mission here and some of the things we would like to accomplish through this community and with the help of this community. And, of course, we put it down in our bullet journal.

BJPs Mission Spread

Every Pro knows about mission statements, right? A mission statement is like a goal for what the organization wants to do for the world. Or it becomes the framework that an organization uses to guide its actions. At Bullet Journal for Professionals, we have a mission statement as well.


Serving Professionals with advice and knowledge on adapting and enhancing a bullet journal to be more organized and productive on the job.

So, let’s break down this mission in order to better understand the significance of the words.

Serving Professionals: In two words, we identified that we are SERVING – not necessarily leading or educating or coaching. We believe that we can do all of those things through service. And the word Professionals identifies our key audience. But we clearly are not putting too fine of a point on that. You can be a Pro Mom or a Pro Truck Driver or a Pro Tennis Player and fit into this community if you are following the principles.

With Advice and Knowledge: We believe that we grow and learn from advice from those who have the knowledge and experience. One of the great creative leaders from the advertising agency BBDO once stated, “If we can see further, it’s because we stand on the rungs of a ladder built by those who came before us.” We believe in the power and truth of these words.

On Adapting and Enhancing a Bullet Journal: Well, here’s the rub, right? Ryder Carroll was very clear in his definition of a bullet journal. So, we can stop there, right? Not exactly. That’s the beauty that others have discovered about a bullet journal and one of the many reasons why so many people are coming to discover the power of this tool. In our community, we believe that the bullet journal CAN be adapted and enhanced specifically for Professionals. And we are building a community to better provide that advice and knowledge in order to continue to expand what is possible for Pros.

To Be More Organized and Productive: We struggled here in finding the right words. There was so much to say beyond just being organized and productive. In fact, Jessica Chung mentioned in her recent Q&A that BALANCE is a goal she seeks. And there, in fact, can be many similar goals that are unique and personal for each of us. But at Bullet Journal for Professionals, we believe that Balance and Energy and Creativity – or whatever your own goal may be – is often reached through better and proper organization. Further, there have been studies that have proven that organization breeds greater throughput and productivity.

On The Job: And so we end in many ways as we began. Whether you are the CFO of a Fortune 100 company or the CMO (Chief Mom Officer) of a five person household, you can benefit from using a bullet journal to better organize your “job” to be more successful and satisfied.


The goals that we have set for Bullet Journal for Professionals are meant to be updated annually based on the progress we are making towards our mission. As we thought about our year ahead, we have created the following goals.

  1. Connect and unite a community of like-minded professionals who use a bullet journal on the job.

  2. Provide useful, relevant information and networking opportunities.

  3. Expand the usefulness of the bullet journal by introducing new applications, designs and collections to the community.

  4. Become a voice for business management through journaling.

These goals will help us steer our actions on the blog and on our social media sites. Specifically, you can find us now on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest.


Finally, now that we have outlined a mission, established some goals, determined the channels of communication, we can put together a plan. We hope that we will continue to provide you with useful advice and information throughout the year across our channels but there are some features or “sections” that we want to highlight.

Pro Q&A: As you have seen so far, we intend to find and interview a diverse and eclectic group of bullet journalists on a regular basis to provide you with a peek inside as to how they use their bullet journal “on the job”.

Bullet Points: There are so many great tips and collections that we see on a regular basis. We want to make sure that we share “what’s new” with our readers as part of our goal to providing great content and uniting people.

Day Job: I know on our Facebook group we have Pros representing so many diverse industries and backgrounds. It is fascinating to read how someone in Dallas uses their bullet journal in law enforcement or someone in Portland uses their bullet journal in running their small business or someone in Toronto uses their bullet journal in a restaurant. Here we are uncovering real business issues that can be addressed via some aspect of a bullet journal.

Pro-Showcase: There are entire groups and pinboards devoted to spreads. And Pros have some of the most interesting. Whether you are following a minimalist style using only black ink or prefer lots of color and graphics to your pages, you will find something interesting and unique in our Showcase.

So that’s it. That’s what we are all about at Bullet Journal for Professionals. We really value your input and ideas as we move this community forward on our mission.Now, if you will pardon us, we really need to get back to work!





Author: ProJo's

Serving professionals who plan, organize and manage work with a paper journal. #ProJo

2 thoughts on “What Does It Mean To Be A Bullet Journal Pro?”

  1. Awesome! I love how you illustrated your mission by demonstrating the use of BJ in writing this post. How very “meta” 😀 Keep up the great work, I love coming here!
    all the best,
    a university lecturer


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