What Gets Measured Gets Done

I’m sure most of you Professionals have heard the old expression, “What gets measured gets done.” Many of the most respected business authors and motivational speakers have used this expression at times to suggest that measuring and/or tracking something provides you with the information or data points that you need in order change something or achieve something.

Our mission here at Bullet Journal for Professionals is to serve professionals with advice and knowledge on adapting and enhancing a bullet journal to be more organized and productive on the job. There are some key words in this mission statement.

Adapting and Enhancing – The beauty of the bullet journal is the users ability to adapt or customize the planner to meet your needs. In the case of us Pros, we want to adapt it to work for us on the job. We also believe that a Pro’s journal can be enhanced with job-specific collections or project management pages.

Organized and Productive – Here are the keys for a Pro. We have to be organized in our jobs in order to “get things done”. We want to make sure there is good organization and flow in our days in order for us to be productive, which should lead to greater success for us on the job.

So, looking to our week ahead, we have embraced these words – adaptation, enhancement, organization and productivity – to create a weekly layout.

ProSpreadThis layout was inspired by our Instagram friend @nittany_bujo … if you don’t currently follow her, please do. She is a Penn State Biomedical Engineering student. I have adopted and enhanced her layout specifically for me.

This takes us back to where we began this post – there are a lot of measurements to log and monitor in this spread. So, what do they all mean? Here’s the Key:

ProSpread2So, let’s start at the top. On my timeline tracker in my weekly spread, the time slots go from 11:00pm to 10:00pm. Typically, I go to bed in the evenings about 11:00pm. I have provided a color coded timeline key: Blue for sleep, Purple for my BuJoPro activity, Green for my work and Red for personal time.

Underneath the timeline is an open square. This allows me to track my tendonitis pain and discomfort on a daily basis. I will score my pain from 1, which would represent little to no pain up to 5, which would represent the highest pain threshold. For those Pros who suffer with tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, you have our sympathy.

To the right of the open square is a square dived into three sections. This square is the weather station. A quick doodle/sketch of the weather forecast will be in the top box with the high and low temperatures in the lower two boxes.

Underneath the weather station is a rectangle divided into eight boxes. This section is to log my water content during the day. I’m a big proponent of staying hydrated during the day no matter what work you do. Each small square represents eight ounces of water. According to the Mayo Clinic, eight 8-ounce glasses daily is a good rule of thumb. Plus, the 8-by-8 rule is easy to remember.

To the left of the water station is another rectangle divided into eight boxes. This is where I log achievement of my daily goals. If you recall my earlier post on Radar Charts, I have five goals that are important to me on a daily basis. In this section I can track these with a color coded system. Blue is for my belief that I am Productive during the day. Orange denotes that I am Happy on this day. Green signifies that I still have Energy and feel healthy at the end of the day. Purple is the color for feeling at peace and having Gratitude. And, finally, Red is the color for when I believe I am Creative. The eighth box is where I score the day based on the sum of my goals. As with my Radar Chart, a score of 1 is the lowest score and is reflective of an ineffective and poor day. A score of 10 is the highest score and represents a highly effective, highly functional day. As I think about each of my five goals, I give myself a total score on the day.

Below the tracker for my daily goals is an open rectangle with an icon of a scale beneath it. This is where I track my weight on a daily basis.

To the right of the weight tracker is an open rectangle with a single square inside. This is my exercise log. With my tendonitis issue, I’m not able to do as much at the gym as I would like but I am trying to keep up with some degree of exercise at least four times weekly. In the larger space within the rectangle, I log the activity which may be walking, aerobics, isometrics, weightlifting, etc. The small square will contain a check mark if I exercise on that day.

The remaining space for the day in the layout will contain my primary to-do’s or tasks. I try to have three primary tasks that I attempt to complete each day in order to feel like I was productive on the day.

So there you have it, Pros. As I head into the week, I’m going to follow the old saw that what I measure will get done. Again, thanks for @nittany_bujo for the inspiration and thanks to the Professional community for your support.

Now, get back to work!


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