The Pen and The Hammer

I’ve heard from a couple hundred folks on our Facebook group who like our new logo at Bullet Journal for Professionals. As the community of Pros has grown, I decided that we needed to “go pro” with a great logo.

I’m a big fan of Canva. If you haven’t used Canva yet, you’re missing out on a powerful tool for creating all types of graphics from blog headers to Facebook cover photos, postcards, invitations, CTA graphics and more. Check it out here.

I used Canva to create the Bullet Journal for Professionals logo. I wanted an image that married the power and simplicity of the2 bullet journal with a symbol that signified work. I came up with the idea of a fountain pen as the handle for a hammer. The hammer is a recognized icon for building things. That is appropriate for this group as well. We are building a community of journalers on the job.

Once I had that simple blend of the pen and the hammer, I wanted to create an icon that had a button shape. Circles are great icons and my new pen/hammer image in black worked well in the shape. The turquoise color has cool, calming attributes. Turquoise also signifies creativity and balance. Again, great attributes for this group.

The typeface I chose for the words “Bullet Journal” is Playfair Small Caps. It’s a recognizable font for news headlines. It has a formal quality with delicate hair lines and takes its influence from the Baskerville typeface.

I wanted the typeface for the words “for Professionals” to stand out, appear official and make a statement. I chose the typeface Satisfy for these words. A brush script with pizzazz. It gives the look of a timeless classic, yet with a modern flair. The yellow color helps the words pop off the turquoise background.

I hope you appreciate this design for our community and that it represents the action-oriented, confident, hardworking, creative people that we are.

In the meantime, get back to work!


Author: ProJo's

Serving professionals who plan, organize and manage work with a paper journal. #ProJo

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